(€ million) 20132012(*)2011(*)2010(*)2009(*)
Net revenues 25,77825,78524,28921,34217,968
Trading profit 1,9852,0631,6901,096322
Operating profit/(loss) 1,8681,8461,6331,021-19
Profit/(loss) before taxes 1,5071,4601,162567-470
Profit/(loss) 917900694369-503
Attributable to:        
Owners of the parent 789791618333-464
Non-controlling interests 1281097636-39
Basic earnings/(loss) per common share (€)(1)0.630.650.480.26-0.36
Diluted earnings/(loss) per common share (€)(1)0.630.650.480.26-0.36
Investments in tangible and intangible assets 1,4951,349993872708
of which: capitalized R&D costs 572533400396298
R&D expenditure(2)934895742652538
Total Assets 40,94138,86138,57234,87330,872
Net (debt)/cash (16,888)(15,994)(14,549)(12,179)(11,283)
of which: net industrial (debt)/cash (1,592)(1,642)(1,239)(1,900)(1,315)
Total equity 5,5565,3765,2524,5565,718
Equity attributable to owners of the parent 5,5044,6284,4143,8165,008
Employees at year end 71,19268,25766,99862,12361,243
(*)   Figures have been recast following the adoption of IAS 19 Revised. There was no significant impact for any individual line item.
(1) As a consequence of the effective date of the merger, full-year 2013 basic EPS has been calculated on approximately 1,255 million of weighted average number of common shares outstanding. For 2012 and prior years, earnings per share calculation is based on the average number of Fiat Industrial ordinary shares outstanding after taking into account the effect of the conversion of preference and savings shares that occurred on May 21, 2012. See Note 13 to the Consolidated Financial Statements for additional information on the calculation of basic and diluted earnings per share.
(2) Includes capitalized R&D and R&D charged directly to the income statement.

Selected data by Region

 EmployeesPlantsR&D CentersRevenues (€ million)
“EMEA”: 28 member countries of the European Union, EFTA, Ukraine, Balkans, African continent and the Middle East (excluding Turkey). “NAFTA”: United States, Canada and Mexico.
“LATAM”: Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.
“APAC”: Continental Asia (including Turkey), Oceania and member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (excluding Ukraine).